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Neighbourhood and Farm Watch

Thornbury Hamlets has active schemes in operation:

Neighbourhood Watch

nwtvp_MEDThe aims are:

To prevent crime by improving security, increasing vigilance and maintaining a caring community.
To assist the police in detecting crime by encouraging prompt reporting of criminal or suspicious activity.
To reduce undue fear of crime by providing accurate information about risks and by promoting a sense of security and community spirit.
To improve communication between police and the community.



The Scheme is run by its members and led by a resident volunteer co-ordinator, Meg Galley-Taylor, whose job it is to get people working together and make sure things get done. Meg liaises with the police and acts as a voice for the community.  Schemes are supported by the police, the local authority and their local Neighbourhood Watch Forums.


Farm Watch

16287_Farm_Watch_LogoFarm Watch is a scheme which operates in a very similar way to Neighbourhood Watch.  The scheme is run for, and by, its members for the benefit of the farming community and receives the support and backing of the Police.  Each Farm Watch scheme can be linked locally to the police Neighbourhood Team.




The aims of the scheme are to:

Increase the prevention and detection of farm related crime
Increase community engagement between members, the police and other farming related groups
Reduce the fear of crime in your community
Increase public confidence in the police and other involved agencies

What are the benefits of being a member?

  • Free access to the police community messaging system
  • Advice on how to report suspicious activity
  • Access to your local police neighbourhood team and Farm Watch co-ordinator
  • Provision of regular farm crime information in your area
  • Information about security products that reduce thefts and increase the chance of offenders being caught
  • Details of how to register your property and search for details of stolen property prior to buying equipment
  • Signs and stickers for your premises showing that you are a member of a police supported initiative
  • Free security surveys of farms and equipment

For more information, or to join either scheme, contact your Coordinator, Meg Galley-Taylor, via

You can read more about your local Police team here.

Read about the different ways to report a crime here

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