Introduction to Chapel Inscriptions

Introduction to Chapel Inscriptions


The Chapel

This was built in 1891 and has a number of foundation stones in the front and rear corners all dated July 2nd 1891.  These were laid by Mrs Higgs, Mrs R Penhale, Mr P Barett, Mrs Penwarden, Mrs ? Jollow, Miss M Barrett, Mr Hutchings, and the Choir.

The graveyard

The graveyard is approximately triangular in shape with the chapel sitting in the middle.  It is bounded by roads on two sides and the entrance is at the point of the triangle off the Green at Woodacott.  The gravestones are in parallel rows either side of the entrance path and the Chapel itself.  Rows 1 to 6 are on the right of the path to the Chapel as you face it and rows 7 to 13 are on the left.  There are a number of gravemarkers indicating un-named graves but some of these had flowers on them at the time of the recording so are clearly known to relatives but the occupants are not recorded.


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