Inscriptions Inside Church

Inscriptions inside Thornbury Church


Gravestone Transcriptions from inside Thornbury Church and in the graveyard but not associated with a grave

In porch Thornbury Roll of Honour.  These served in the Great War 1914-1918. * Sergt. T.J.Skinner. (Only fatality) Maj.Gen. Sir E Graham KCB, KCMG. T. Brock, W. Daniel, S.J. Daniel, F.J Gilbert, J. Goodenough, Jn. Goodenough, W. Goodenough, R. Hamlyn, S.J. Hutchings, J. Jeffery, H. Jollow, F. Jollow, W. Jollow, G.H. Langdon, J.H. Paige, H. Piper, S. Piper, B, Sanders, G. Sanders, J.H. Sanders, S. Sanders, W.J. Sanders, H. Skinner, S. Skinner, W. Skinner, M. Sluggett and W.G. Westlake. * Made the great sacrifice.

Inside church clockwise from the main door.

CH01 Sacred to the memory of James Daw who died 17th February 1899 aged 80 years. For forty years Clerk of this parish. And of Mary Ann Millman (Daw) his beloved wife who died on Easter Sunday 25th March 1883 aged 62 years. And of Frederick James (Daw) their only son who died at Exeter 30th March 1887 aged 39 years. And of Mary Maria Millman (Daw) their only daughter who died 19th June 1924 aged 80 years.

CH02 In memory of John Oliver Rouse, Surgeon of Great Torrington, who died February 24th 1868 aged 37 years.

CH03 Sacred to the memory of Sarah (Trible) relict of Abraham Trible who died November 3, 1880 aged 75 years. Her end was peace. This tablet is erected by her affectionate sister E.M. Watson.

CH04 In memory of Rosabelle Maria (Edgecumbe) daughter of the Reverend John Edgecumbe, and Elizabeth Anna Maria his wife. Departed this life May 2nd, 1845 aged 37 years. This tablet is erected by her affectionate husband the Reverend Edward Holmes Farrington. Also of Charles Henry their son died Decr. 26th 1844 aged 11 months. Also of Wm. Edw’d. (Farrington) eldest son of the above died in 1871 aged 30.

CH05 Sacred to the memory of the Rev. John Edgecumbe, only son of the late Rev. William Edgecumbe, Vicar of Northam. He was Rector of this parish for 37 years and died March 16th A.D. 1838 aged 59 years. Also of John (Edgecumbe), his second son who died October 2nd 1839 aged 22. Also of Jane (Edgecumbe) his beloved wife who died February 26th A.D. 1849 aged 56 years. Also of William (Edgecumbe) their eldest son who died February 13th 1889 aged 73 years. He was the Rector of this parish for 48 years. This Chancel was rebuilt by him when the church was restored in 1876.

CH06 In memoriam. Jane May, nee Trible, only daughter of Abraham Trible late of the Barton in this parish who died Nov: 4, 1912 in 83rd year. Requiem in pace.

CH07 In memory of Amy May Pett church organist 1949 – 1999.

CH08 In memory of John Johns Yeoman of this parish who departed this life August ?? Anno Dom. 1713. When Christ who is our life shall appear, then shall ye also appear with him in glory. Colossians Chap III Verse 4.

CH09 Blessing His holy name for His servant departed this life in His faith and fear and in loving remembrance of Elizabeth (Graham) the wife of Joseph Graham Esq QC (2nd daughter of General John Rawlings Coryton and Elizabeth Haworth his wife) who passed into her rest on the 10th of June 1897.

CH10 (In the floor next to the door to the Vestry) Here lyeth the body of William Hammond Rector of Thornbury who was buried 14th day of June in the year of our Lord God 1681. Also here lyeth the body of Elizabeth the wife of the said William Hammond shee was buried the 16th day of June Anno 1681.

CH11 In memory of John (Maynard) ye son of William Maynard, Rector of this parish who was buried April ye 26th 1694 aged 1 year & 3 months. Also in memory of Margaret (Maynard) ye daughter of ye above named William Maynard who departed this life 7ber (September) 4th 1706 aged 18. Nullus flos semper floret, nec spirat adores, Si non existens tumen est, quia restat in esse. No sooner blossom’d but by icy death, inhospitably nipt, we fell to th’ earth. Our beautys lost, our sweetness it is gon, until we gain a resurrection. And spring afresh, and with moore beauty rise and flourish in the endless paradise.

CH12 Sacred to the memory of Arthur Hutchings, of Herdwick, formerly of Kingsford in this parish, who died Feb 16, 1873, aged 75 years. Also of Maria Jane (Hutchings), his wife who died Aug 20, 1878 aged 78 years. So He bringeth them unto their desired haven.

CH13 In loving memory of Richard Squire of Gidcott, Milton Damerell, (Yeoman) born in this parish who died 6th September 1895 aged 71 and of Mary Squire his dearly loved wife (youngest daughter of Leonard F. Collings) also born in this parish who died 1st August 1873 aged 49. Dearly loved.

CW01 Erected to the memory of Joseph Graham Esq KC by his son Arthur H Graham Anno Domini 1946.

CW02 To the glory of God and in loving memory of John and Jane Edgcombe by their daughters Phyllis and Fanny AD 1876.

CW03 To the loved memory of John Edgcombe by his brother,William, AD 1876

Adjacent to the entrance gate by a lampost

Given in memory of Jim Daniel. Churchwarden 1948 – 1968. Thy word is a lantern unto my feet.


Meg Galley-Taylor. July 2015.

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