Defibrillators in and near Thornbury Hamlets


Thornbury has one defibrillator, which is located at Thornbury Holiday Park at Woodacott.  It is on the outside wall of the main reception and bar building, adjacent to the end of the car park.  See the map below for the route from the road to the building.

Although a defibrillator can be used by untrained members of the public, there will be trained users in the community, who can often render first-aid assistance.  Watch for details in the ‘Thornbury Tatler’ and on the Facebook group.

You can watch a short video explaining how to use our AED here : look for the “Heartsine 360P”.

Other local defibrillators are: opposite Cookbury Church, at Bradford Hall, Chilsworthy Village Hall, and Shebbear Village Hall.





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