There is no shortage of news and advice about the pandemic coming from national TV and radio, and we urge you to listen and act accordingly. You can help protect yourself by regular and thorough hand washing (for 20 seconds), not touching your face, wearing a mask and keeping a physical distance from others if you are worried that they might be unwell. Observe guidance on self-isolation either to prevent infection, or if you believe you have caught it.  Use the 111 or 999 services if your condition gets worse.

It is important that we pull together as a community during what may be difficult times ahead and that we keep in regular contact with our neighbours, friends and family. Please ensure you know your neighbours’ telephone numbers so that you can keep talking during any quarantine and make sure they are OK. It may help if you shop locally or on-line, with family and friends bringing you supplies during any quarantine.

At the local level, our focus is on ways that we can practically help each other. To do that, we have created a list of vulnerable people, based on their age or medical conditions, or other circumstances that would make illnesses or isolation harder to deal with.  We also have a list of volunteers, who may be able to assist others.  We will be working with these groups to make sure that those in need are supported.

If you are ill, or have self-isolated (alone, or with your family) and you need help with shopping, collection of prescriptions or other urgent matters, please contact us at the numbers overleaf and we will try to connect you with someone who can help. If you’re well, ring and chat with a neighbour!
If you have not already volunteered to help others, and want to do so, please contact me.   Thornbury is a caring community – we can do this together.

Paul Taylor, Clerk to Thornbury Parish Council


Call Thornbury Parish Council:

Paul Taylor:             01409 261804  or  07584 720802


Or any of your other Parish Councillors:

Keith Hutchings                   261373                      07788 140497
Liz Priest                                261312                      0788 788 6354
Chris Ward                           261495                      07867 540618
Trevor Jollow                        261291                      07773 881110
Lisa Serra                              261750                      07930 378757

Getting local information:

We will publish the latest local information on our Facebook group “Thornbury Tatler”, and we urge you to join, even if you don’t usually do social media – it’s the quickest way for us to communicate with you.

We have a Neighbourhood Watch email list as well – we will use this to make sure we reach as many as possible.   Email me if you want to join.

Other sources of information:

Devon County Council information is here

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