Mechanical Music in Thornbury

Mechanical Music in Thornbury


In 1981, a recording was made of the various mechanical instruments at the Museum, and issued as a long-playing record (LP).

Here is the complete tracklist, with details of the instruments: we have included a few samples from the recordings.

Side A:

Automatic Jazz Band

A1.a       Rag Melody
A1.b       Nights of Gladness
A1.c       Victorious Eagle


Polyphon Disc Musical Box

A2.a       The Geisha’s Life
A2.b       Lady’s Maid
A2.c       Private Tommy Atkins

Aeolian Duo-Art Player Piano

A3.a       Dinah
A3.b       The Entertainer & New Rag


Aeolian Roll Organ

A4.a       Waltz
A4.b       Selection From ‘Indiana’

Side B:

Mortier Organ “The Trumpeter”

B1.a       Colonel Bogey


B1.b       Lady Farmer’s Dance
B1.c       Liechtenstein Polka
B1.d       Longest Day

Various instruments

B2.a       Musical Snuff Box – 2 untitled tunes
B2.b       Celestina – Row For The Shore
B2.c       Clockwork Barrel Piano – Untitled
B2.d       Atlas Organette – Merry Widow Waltz, Goodbye Dolly Gray


B2.e       Clockwork Barrel Piano – Untitled
B2.f        Orchestrelle Organette – Two Little Girls

Welte Orchestrion

B3          Don Caesar


Aeolian Duo-Art Player Piano

B4.a       Lovable and Sweet
B4.b       Bye Bye Blackbird


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