The History of Thornbury Hamlets and its People


These pages are intended to be a permanent record of the history of the Hamlets, reflecting the changes to its landscape, buildings and people over the years.  There are many paper copies of old pictures and documents of historical interest, which lie forgotten in drawers and cupboards.  If you would like to see them preserved digitally, and shared with others, please contact the Editor at the Thornbury Tatler.

To this end, we have started to create a set of Photo Archives, to show what can be done.

To give an insight into the changes faced by rural communities everywhere in England in the decades after the Second War, you can read a fascinating article from New Society magazine, from 20 January 1972, entitled “Dying Village” which used Thornbury as a case study.

Thornbury only suffered the loss of one of its sons in the Great War of 1914-18 :  read about the life and family of Thomas Jeffery Skinner.

A recent major initiative has been the Gravestones Project, which has recorded the inscriptions throughout the graveyards at the Church and Chapel, and the War Memorial. Many of these inscriptions were badly weathered, and at risk of being lost forever. Now, they are all photographed and transcribed for future generations, as well as for current researchers from elsewhere who have ancestors from the Hamlets.

Some interesting stories have also been unearthed by the Gravestones Project:

The story of Henry Luard, involving financial malpractice and a mysterious death in Thornbury.
On a sadder note, the story of the six Hearn children reminds us that a high rate of child mortality was once commonplace.

Read about the destruction caused to Thornbury (and much of the West Country) by the Great Storm of 1703.

We now have a copy of the Thornbury Parish Tithe Map and Apportionment document, which show the ownership of all land in the area in 1839, and the tithes that were assessed as being payable.

We are connected to the One Place Studies web site, for those with a special focus on the Hamlets.

You can read about the history of the Church and the Chapel and the Village School at Thornbury.

See also the GENUKI information, for more background.

Please contact the Tatler Editor to request copies of any of this material, or to contribute to this growing archive of village life.


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