Parish Council

Parish Council

Thornbury Parish Council represents the five communities within the civil parish of Thornbury Hamlets.  Information on the operation and procedures of the Council can be found here

Thornbury Parish Councillors:

Chair:              Keith Hutchings
Vice Chair:        Gaye Tabor
Members:        Liz Priest, Trevor Jollow, Paul Taylor, Michael Nattrass, Sue Bond

Details of the declarations of members interests can be found here

Parish Clerk:       Michael Nattrass : 01409 261173

Future Meetings

Meeting dates:      17th August 2023, 8.00. 16th November 2023, 7.30.
                                      Location to be advised on the agenda.  If meetings are via Zoom, contact Clerk for details.

The location for TPC meetings will be confirmed with the exact time with the publication of the agenda, which will be posted on village noticeboards, the Facebook page and here, not later than 3 clear days before the meeting date.

Meeting Agendas

Meeting agendas are published no later than 3 clear days before each meeting on village noticeboards, and will appear here:

Agenda 100816   Agenda 091116  Agenda 080217   Agenda 100517   Agenda 230817   Agenda 081117

Agenda 150218    Agenda 090518     Agenda 080818   Agenda 141118   Agenda 130219   Agenda 080519

Agenda 250619   Agenda 130819  Agenda 141119    Agenda 130220   Agenda EGM 010720    Agenda 160920  Agenda 121120

Agenda 110221   Agenda 060521  Agenda 260521      Agenda 120821  Agenda 300921    Agenda 111121   Agenda EGM 130122

Agenda 100222   Agenda EGM 080422    Agenda AGM 120522    Agenda 180822   Agenda 101122    Agenda 160223

Agenda 180523

Meeting Minutes

The minutes of recent meetings are available as pdf files: note that versions shown as ‘draft’ are subject to formal approval by Council and signature by the Chair at the next meeting, and may change.

TPC Minutes Feb 2015       TPC Minutes May 2015       TPC Minutes Aug 2015       TPC Minutes Nov 2015

TPC Minutes Jan 2016      TPC Minutes Feb 2016         TPC minutes May 2016     TPC minutes Aug 2016

TPC Minutes Nov 2016    TPC minutes Jan 2017         TPC minutes Feb 2017      TPC AGM minutes May 2017

TPC minutes Aug 2017     TPC Minutes Nov 2017       TPC Minutes Jan 2018       TPC Minutes Feb 2018

TPC AGM minutes May 2018     TPC Minutes Aug 2018   TPC Minutes Nov 2018   TPC Minutes Feb 2019

TPC AGM minutes May 2019    TPC EGM minutes June 2019    TPC Minutes Aug 2019     TPC Minutes Nov 2019

TPC EGM Minutes Jan 2020     TPC Minutes Feb 2020    TPC Minutes July 2020    TPC Minutes Sep 2020

TPC Minutes Nov 2020    TPC Minutes Feb 2021    TPC AGM minutes May 2021     TPC EGM Minutes May 2021

TPC Minutes Aug 2021     TPC EGM Minutes Sep 2021   TPC Minutes Nov 2021   TPC EGM Minutes Jan 2022

TPC Minutes Feb 2022     TPC Minutes EGM April 2022     TPC Minutes AGM May 2022    TPC Minutes Aug 2022

TPC Minutes Nov 2022   TPC Minutes Feb 2023  TPC Minutes May 2023 (draft)

Parish Council Accounts

The audited accounts, including the governance statement, internal and external audit reports for Thornbury Parish Council are below:

TPC accounts 2015-16     TPC audit notice  Audit conclusion notice
TPC accounts 2016-17    TPC governance statement 2016-17    TPC Audit Completion 2017

TPC accounts 2017-18    TPC governance statement 2017-18    TPC certificate of exemption 2017-18   TPC internal audit report 2017-18
TPC Public Rights AGAR 2018

TPC Accounts 2018-19  AGAR Governance Statement 2018-19   AGAR Certificate of Exemption 2018-19
AGAR Accounting Statements 2018-19   AGAR Internal Audit report 2018-19   Notice of public rights 2019
AGAR 2019 notification of exempt status

TPC Accounts 2019-20   AGAR Governance Statement 2019-20   AGAR Certificate of Exemption 2019-20
AGAR Accounting Statements 2019-20   AGAR Internal Audit Report 2019-20   Notice of public rights 2020
AGAR TPC exemption 2019-20

TPC Accounts 2020-21   AGAR Governance Statement 2020-21  AGAR Certificate of Exemption 2020-21
AGAR Accounting Statements 2020-21   AGAR Internal Audit Report 2020-21   Notice of Public Rights 2020-21
AGAR TPC exemption 2021

TPC Accounts 2021-22   AGAR Governance Statement 2021-22     AGAR Certificate of Exemption 2021-22
AGAR Accounting Statements 2021-22     AGAR Internal Audit Report 2021-22     Notice of Public Rights 2021-22
AGAR Audit Exemption 2022

TPC Accounts 2022-23   AGAR Governance Statement 2022-23   AGAR Certificate of Exemption 2022-23
AGAR Accounting Statements 2022-23   AGAR Internal Audit Report 2022-23   Notice of Public Rights 2022-23

Asset Register

A list of the assets of the council can be found here:    Asset Register May 2023


The following documents set out how Thornbury Parish Council runs its meetings and internal controls, including its finances:

TPC Standing Orders 2019
TPC Code of Conduct 2019
TPC Financial Regulations 2019
TPC Statement of Internal Controls 2019
TPC Planning Policy 2022

Data Protection

We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), and operate a Data Protection Policy to ensure that your data is handled and stored properly. See below for details:

TPC Data Protection Policy
TPC General Privacy Notice
ICO certificate 2022-23

TPC Social Media Policy

Community Hall Project

Details of the planning applications and other documents can be found here

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